How A Bed Will Change The Lives Of Dogs In Need

dendogbeds Each rescued dog, whether in a shelter, in foster care or with a rescue group, has his or her own journey to a family. And let's be honest, this is often extremely stressful for pups in need! So, wouldn’t it be amazing if each of these pups could carry something familiar with them through their journey? Something that comforts them when they're in a shelter or that helps familiarize them with their new foster home? Something that, even when they find their forever homes and are finally safe, helps them adjust to their new pawsome life? dendogbeds2 Well, good news, pups! DEN has just created a simple, well crafted dog bed with a heartfelt mission: for every bed purchased, one is donated to a rescue dog. The best part is that each donated bed goes with the pup recipient through all of their transitions until they reach their permanent sleeping nook and home. dendogbed It's a pawsome idea, but DEN needs your support to make it all happen! Lend a paw by donating to their Kickstarter: dendogbeds3 Let's help dogs have a comfortable, familiar sleeping spot on their journeys!


7 years ago

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