Denver The Guilty Dog And Liquid Plumr Are Teaming Up To Save Dogs’ Lives

Denver is famous (seriously famous - this dog has been on Good Morning America, folks) for her guilty face. But there's nothing naughty about what she's doing this month. Denver has partnered with Liquid-Plumr to save lives for National Pet Month.
For every view that this video gets, Liquid-Plumr will donate $1 to The Grey Muzzle Organization AND Animal Haven, up to $10,000 to each. The Grey Muzzle Foundation focuses on saving at-risk senior dogs and Animal Haven finds homes specifically for abandoned animals. You can find the video on Denver's Facebook page or on YouTube. denver2 Watch it, share it, save lives for some of the least lucky canine demographics. It's super easy and it's super important! But this is not Denver's first rodeo. Denver has an expansive store selling everything from children's books (that she stars in!) to dog toys and five percent of EVERY purchase goes to The Grey Muzzle Organization. Currently, the video has already surpassed 40,000 views on Facebook and just over 35,000 on YouTube. She may have made history with her guilty face, but something tells me she'll go down in history as a very good girl.
H/t and featured image Denver the Guilty Dog

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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