10 “Innocent” Dogs Who Would NEVER Destroy A Toy, And How Dare You Insinuate That

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 6, 2016

The worst offenders of beheaded, de-brained, and surgically de-fluffed plushies are the same dogs who’ll try to convince you of spontaneous combustion. It’s high time we celebrate the puppers who shred and rip without abandon, because the war waged on plush is best won with humans who understand the fun—and tag their Monsters of Destruction with #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram!

Here are ten very happy dogs who will NEVER admit they shredded that thing that one time, but who enjoy it all the same.

1. Luna has NO idea who did this, but you should really keep an eye on the cat. He’s shifty.


2. A SQUARE squeaker? Human, you must really love Bismarck. And the cute chicken motif is just… egg-cellent.

eggsellent present

3. That’s right Bear. The only sure-fire way to kill a bug is to remove its soft, squishy legs one by one.


4. There’s absolutely no way one dog could make that mess, Rose. Someone obviously broke in to frame you.

pittie toy shredding

5. Sirius shreds Sour Patch Kids style. #SourThenSweet

husky with frog toy

6. Did you hear that, Lilo? Unbelievable, a human denying those toys were defective.


7. GET IT, MILLER. It’s not fun until the paint starts to chip!

8. Look at this sweet, innocent boy. Poor Fergus. It’s not fair that every toy he touches just bursts open.

shepherd and xmas toy

9. Everything the light touches is Bengoshi’s kingdom. But that doesn’t mean it’s in one piece.

shiba shreds a toy

10. Duke, my boy! Pretty sure they said to eat your treat, not CHIMP.

lab with monkey toy

Don’t forget to show off all your pup’s fabric-ripping, fluff-chewing action by posting a pic on Instagram with #DESTROYERSCLUB. They were always honorary members, now it’s time to show the world! New Insta-roundups every Friday, and all the toys you’ve ever dreamed of shredding at the BarkShop.

featured image via @lilosstory/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 6, 2016