10 Expert Squeaker Removers Who Say “Challenge Accepted” To Tough Toys

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 13, 2016

Has it been a long day? A short day? Sunny, rainy? Is it day or night? Oh good! Then it’s time for some butt-kickin’ DESTRUCTION!


There is no time more perfect for your dog to do what he absolutely RUVS, and that is submitting to his inner plush-shredding, plastic-breaking, squeaker-removing warrior. Whether you’ve got a 120-pound Mastiff or a 6-pound Chihuahua nugget, their yearning for stuffing is insatiable—so let’s celebrate it! Document your pup’s “trophies” on Instagram with #DESTOYERSCLUB and climb on board!


1. Ludwig thought he’d finally caught a bird even though his legs are only 4 inches long. Alas, ’twas not meant to be.

doxie with bird toy

2. Salvador INSISTS that his Barklyn Doggers Cap was meant to be unwrapped, MOM.

dog with baseball hat

3. “The pillows were a little flat, human. I’m consolidating.” — Haru

basenji on the couch

4. Blurry tail, stuffing’s everywhere… yup, Nigel killed the Monster.

nigel and monster toy

5. “You’re next.” — Tessie

tessie with hedgehog toy

6. Small? Adorable? There’s no way Appa could have gutted Pixel Penguin. And yet…

poodle and pixel penguin

7. Kimo took a bite of his pretzel only to discover he was out of mustard. Poor guy.

boxer and pretzel toy

8. “Long-lasting, you say? Give me five minutes.” — Luna

red dog toy

9. Stewart Sherlock, good man! You’ve solved the mystery of Who Killed The Toys. What’s that? It was you?

stewart and sherlock pipe

10. “I bring you daily gifts of dirty tennis balls from the yard, and I can’t even get the leftover dumplings.” — Odin

odin and chinese box toy

Don’t forget to post of pic of your pup’s awesome toy destruction on Instagram with #DESTROYERSCLUB for a chance to be featured in our weekly Friday roundups—and get a shoutout from @thebarkshop! And for all your ripping, shredding, fun-having needs, check out The BarkShop to get started on more doggone destruction.

featured image via @dachshundarmy/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 13, 2016