10 Dogs Who Can’t Believe You Got Them A Toy, OMG Human You’re The Best

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 20, 2016

There is something to be said for a NEW toy. Dogs know, according to science, when they have a new plush victim vs. an old one.

That’s probably why they go bat-crap crazy whenever a fresh, untouched-by-teeth toy arrives before their waiting paws. To be honest, we can’t blame them—every new conquest is more exciting than the last, and it’s another stuffing-less trophy to nail to their wall of destruction.

Here are 10 of this week’s 0 to 60 puppers who joined the party with #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram!

1. “Wait, you mean there’s more where this came from?” —Mojo #SkepticalDogIsSkeptical


2. Thai would like you to know he’s really “mmmbnnnhrrrmnn!” about that Pooeyville Slugger!


3. “One big truck-shaped squeaker?” Jones mused. “We’ll see about that.”


4. The humans weren’t lying when they said their little wiener could have a pig ear.


5. “Slobbery Sunflowers? I’ll show you slob—hharrnnggghhh.” —Lucy

lucy and flowers

6. A little snuggle with the squirrel tail is just the eye of the destruction storm for Jaxon.


7. “You do realize that’s why they call him CHEW-bacca…” —Auggie


8. Zoe’s eyes say “Stuffing? What stuffing?” but her heart says “More, please.”


9. You know you’re a member of the Destroyers Club when you fall asleep mid-shred.


10. No body? No proof. Let’s rewind.


Don’t forget to tag your Master of Destruction with #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram with evidence of their shreddage—supplies available over at the BarkShop! And check back on BarkPost for a roundup of paw-picked photos every Friday!

featured image via Thai @btinnyc/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 20, 2016