10 Heavy Chewers Who Totally Get That Crazy Look In Their Eyes With New Toys

Even the most innocent pups undergo a personality change when faced with conquering yet another plush victim. These “heavy chewers,” a.k.a. dogs-who-are-the-most-fun-at-parties, have no barrier between the part of their brain that sees a toy, and the part which blinks DESTROY in neon red.

And that’s exactly how it should be! For these super-shredders who marked their victories with #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram, here is some well-deserved recognition and well-wishes to continue in your squeaker-scapades.

1. Baxter just added a new recipe to his Pinterest board. S’mores: 1 stick, 1 marshmallow, 1 mountain of stuffing.


2. This was a test. To be a true Pupticipant, one must uncover the prize within.

border collie pupticipant

3. Halley slew the dragon to get to the treasure—a.k.a. a flood of emotional satisfaction.

red bull toy

4. When Rags has reached full-on sploot status, the damage is well underway.


5. Behold the post-destruction smile, often observed after a careful squeaker reveal.

poodle smiling

6. These two wanted real dumplings, but the plush kind calmed their hunger pretty well.

shibas dumpings

7. Rear-ended AND the engine’s missing. The insurance on Gus’s truck is about to go through the roof.

pick up artist border collie

8. The scarecrow got his brain and then lost it all over again…

big dog little dog scarecrow

9. Candy apples: the perfect way to make fruit bad for you. It’s a good thing this one’s filled with fluff.

candied apple

10. Dalloway enjoyed his turkey just as much as a real one. They’re both stuffed.

turkey toy

Don’t forget to tag your pup in action #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram for a shoutout from @TheBarkShop and the chance to end up in one of BarkPost’s weekly Friday roundups! WOOF!

featured image via @LisaAKirsh/Instagram + @ThatK8/Instagram

Dr. Katy Nelson

6 years ago