10 Irresistible Pup Faces Here To Distract You From The Mess They’ve Made

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 2, 2016

Dogs do things their own way. They turn in a certain number of circles before lying down, they take a mouthful of food into the other room to eat in private, and they shred their possessions with a certain amount of skill and fervor.

It’s gonna happen. And when it does, they will be equally prepared with a weapon known as Puppy Dog Eyes. Here’s a tip: fall for it. You’ll feel better about their destruction, and will be more likely to tag it with #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram, so we can show the world.


Introducing, this week’s top 10 Ultimate Barkbarians:

1. She had to RIBBET up and let the humans know there’s a new prince[cess] in town.

frenchie and frog

2. If you can get past those ears, you’ll realize he only grabbed the sponge to help clean up.

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3. This little piggie went wee wee wee, all over the floor.

pink pig

4. “I brought you this toy as a symbol of my love, but you threw it. I had to end the madness.”

lamb chop toy

5. The Med School Dog: whose teeth and steady paws perform flawless snowman squeakerectomies.


6. “You don’t understand my process, Mother. The head goes first. Then the limbs, skin, and soul.”

purple dinosaur

7. When you’re try’na be healthy but you’re still angry about it. #NoMorePlushJunkFood

doxies and carrot

8. “Oh, human… you’re home early.”

mini boxer

9. When she won’t call back but you can’t figure out how to delete her number.

telephone box toy

10. “I got 99 pawblems but 3 peas ain’t one.”

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featured image via @Mabel_Jupiter/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 2, 2016