10 Dogs Whose “Guilty” Faces Will Never Hide The Sheer Joy Of Toy Destruction

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 10, 2016

You know the look. It’s smug, proud, and maaaaybe a little bit guilty, but that’s purely for show. Any seasoned #DESTROYERSCLUB member knows how to fool their human into thinking they KNOW they’ve done something naughty, but really they just revel in flinging fluff.

Ripping, shredding, and clocking how fast it takes to remove squeakers are hallmarks of a true Plushie Pulverizer, and for that, my dear humans, you should be proud of your little ripper-snapper. HEAR YE: may you bask in the glory of these 10 #DestroyersClub pros (and tag your pup on Instagram to get in on the action!)


1. *Activates cute powers to distract human from plush leftovers*

moose destroyers club 

2. “Look at this. Look how low we’re running on toys. You gonna do something about it?”

pug and mastiff 

3. “Scout was a liiiittle too cute. He was a threat to this family. I took care of it.”

kleekai scout barkbox 

4. “What’s that? You found some fuzz in the living room? We should find out who did that.”


5. They told him to go long, but he never came back. Two minutes later, this is how they found him.

black lab football toy 

6. Some peeps like the caramel part of a candy apple. Others’ tastes are more… singular.

doodle candy apple toy 

7. These Buns of Anarchy are just a little… cheesy. Hah, sorry.

burger toy barkshop 

8. I present to you the equivalent of a cat with a canary feather in its mouth.

toy destruction 

9. The ol’ Chicklet Alien may be out of this world, but he’s not out of those jaws.

doodle chicklet destruction 

10. It’s okay, I can’t figure out how to fold a pretzel either. Nice job on that salty foe.

pretzel toy barkshop 

Catch your pup’s destruction in action and tag #DESTROYERSCLUB on Instagram for a @TheBarkShop shoutout and the chance to be included in BarkPost‘s weekly Destroyers Club Friday roundups! Here are the deets:

destroyers club info

featured image via (left) @PuppyNamedCharlie/Instagram, (top right) @KoozaTheDog/Instagram, (bottom right) @BrooklynTheAkk/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 10, 2016