Devoted Dogs Refuse To Leave Owner’s Side, Even As Coroner’s Van Takes His Body Away

Police in Paraná, Brazil found a tragic scene when they responded to a call one day – they found two dogs guarding the body of their owner who had been dead for more than a day. Police say that the dogs were confused and sad, but more than anything, they were devoted. The two pups chased after the coroner’s van for 10 miles as it drove away with their human.

You can see one dog in the video above, the other dog is closer to the videographer’s car and not in frame.

dog chases van 3

The reporter who filmed the incident, a man named Carlos, was so moved by the dogs’ devotion that he offered to adopt one of them. The other pup is now living with a neighbor. We know nothing will take the place of their owner, but we are very glad that these two devoted pups have forever homes.

h/t iheartdogs.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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