The Culinary World’s Newest Head-Scratching Trend Has Gone To The Dogs

Written by: Tiffany White

August 8, 2015

A slop of your dog’s favorite meal served in a metal dog bowl: the next great culinary achievement, or just another obnoxious attempt at “trendy” dining? A restaurant in the U.K. seems to think it’s the latter, serving up an entree called “Dirty Dog’s Dinner” in actual dog bowls. The meal consists of french fries, sausages, and baked beans and, well, it looks like something our dog would eat.


A picture of the infamous meal went viral after it was posted to @WeWantPlates. The Twitter account chronicles the popularity of trendy restaurants serving meals in ridiculous ways, like in baskets and even in shovels.

When an image of “Dirty Dog’s Dinner” made its debut on the account, the Internet imploded. “I’m just glad I’m not trendy enough to need to be seen eating in such a pretentious way,” remarked a Twitter user. “What I find especially icky is that that is exactly the same as my dog’s food bowl,” said another.

However, despite its online backlash, the meal is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. “[The dog dish] is very popular with our student customers,” a spokesperson for the restaurant told The Daily Mail. “We proposed removing it but our customers thought we were barking mad as they love it.”


So there you have it. All this time our dogs have been eating like sophisticated food snobs and we didn’t even know it! For your own dog bowl full of grub, you can buy the meal at Varsity Warwick Pub in Coventry, U.K. for £4.29 ($6.69).

h/t The Mirror 

Featured image by @jaidonn

Written by: Tiffany White

August 8, 2015