Meet Ashton, A Weirdo Weimaraner Who Loves Eye Contact A Little Too Much

Why is Ashton a dingus? Well, let's go through the check points shall we? No concept of personal space and sitting awkwardly like a human. Check and check. dingusashton3 "Is this comfortable for you?"-Definitely not Ashton dingusashton13 When she is not sitting on you, she is awkwardly staring at you. dingusashton20 "Hello. Dis my stare chair." dingusashton16 "Dis my stare window." dingusashton19 Awkward staring is basically just dingus for "Soooooooo like...what's your sitch right now?" dingusashton8 Her mom Ariel tells us
While she sits like a weirdo she stares you down like she is looking deep into your soul. She also does this while pooping. Basically she is a starer.
When she's not a stay-at-home dingus, she's a sassy receptionist who will track you down if you walk away with her pen one more god damn time. Seriously. Don't. It's her good handwriting pen. dingusashton6 She's a NATURE dingus. I'm pretty sure this is the doggy equivalent of a fanny pack. And she is pulling it off. dingusashton5 She is terrified of getting her ears cleaned. dingusashton14 But she'll let her mom clip her nails all day long. Like a princess. dingusashton1 When you forget to lock the door because you don't have hands. dingusashton7 Here she is sitting normally on a chair. Just kidding, that is not a thing dinguses do. "How do I chair?"-Dinguses dingusashton12 Why is this dingus sitting like she's in a crowded movie theater and someone has to get out of the aisle to pee? dingusashton11 And can we just look at the way she slerps? (Derps while sleeping) dingusashton10 When you wake up and your TURKEY IS GONE. dingusashton15 We're just glad she's keeping her New Year's Resolution, being the best dingus she can be. dingusashtonnewyears Think your dingus has enough dingus to be dingus of the week? Submit here!

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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