Twins With Disability Get Exactly What They Want For Christmas–A Disabled Pit Bull

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 18, 2015

Ten year old Tianna Johnson is legally blind. Her fraternal twin Gianna has autism. Their mother, Dana Polito-Corry, says that both girls are facing a difficult time in their lives. Other children are noticing that her daughters are different and tend to shun the pair.

When speaking about Tianna, she says:

Especially this year, now the children are noticing that other children are different from them. For her to constantly feel lonely, it breaks my heart as a parent and then to find this dog that didn’t have an easy life.

It breaks our hearts, too.

But Dana found a magical solution – a dog named Carmella.

girls and carmella 3

Carmella has struggles of her own. Her first owners kept her in a very tiny cage, which left her with deformities. She has front legs that bow out and spinal problems. As a result, she cannot struggles to walk. Dog groomer Sandy Roberto rescued the Pit Bull from a shelter and has been fostering her for one year.

It was instant love when Dana saw the pup and knew immediately that Carmella belonged with her family. And that’s not only because she felt a bond with the dog, it’s also because, when she asked Tianna what she wanted for Christmas, the little girl had one answer:

I want a disabled dog.

She got her Christmas wish and now she, Gianna and Carmella are going to be best friends furever.

Watch a local news report about the girls below:

h/t ABC.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

December 18, 2015