15 Times You Disappointed Your Dog So Bad They Gave You “The Look”

Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

May 9, 2016

Your dog may be low to the ground, but their expectations are always high. So when you fail them, be ready to get “the look” of utter disapproval. We’ve all been there, when puppy dog eyes turn to judge-y eyes, so here’s a list of how we’ve all made our fur babies straight up disappointed!

1. When you’re talking to someone and say “talk” around your dog, but they mistakenly think you said “walk.”

“Walk to the hand? What the crap does that mean?”

2. Dropping a food scrap on the floor and picking it up. How dare you!?

“Dude. Gross. That food is now covered in hundreds of germs. Sweet, delicious germs.”

3. When you take their new favorite toy away from them: a sock.

“What gives? I don’t knock your favorite cheese from your mouth.”

4. When you leave for work and forget to give him/her a treat before you leave because you’re in a rush.

“That job changed you, Jim.”

5. When you leave on the TV for them when you’re not home and mistakenly leave it on The Real Housewives all day instead of Animal Planet.

“Ugh, that’s enough, Brandi.

6. When they watch you going to the bathroom. Oh, you’re too good to relieve yourself outside?

“Uh, RUDE. I drink out of that.”

7. When you complain it’s hot outside in the summer. Try going for a walk wearing a fur coat.

“Yes, tell me more about your oppression, human.”

8. When you call it a tennis ball instead of a fetch ball. Pffftt.

“English, motherpupper! Do you speak it?”

9. Wanna go for a ride? Huh? Do ya? Do ya??! And then you take them to the vet.

“Et tu, mama?”

10. When you start packing your bags to go away on vacation.

“What do you mean? I fit just fine!”

11. When you get up from the couch while they are napping, disturbing their slumber.

“I better be able to resume my dream about my VIP tour of the bacon factory. Because if I don’t…”

12. You’re shooting some hoops and they can’t participate.

“I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller, I wish I had a bone and some treats and a collar.”

13. When you dress them up for photos.

“When we cave to society’s standard of beauty, we all lose. Uh, I mean, woof.”

14. When you put objects out of reach.

*activating Poodlekinesis*

15. Dog definition of disappointment, one word: BATH

“That’s it. I’m gonna take a crap in here.”

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Reviewed by Dr. Katy Nelson

May 9, 2016