Britain Wants To Turn A Dog Into A Pilot (And Everything Else We Learned This Week)

Written by: Will Storie

March 6, 2016

At BarkPost Discover we know that the more we understand our dogs, the more we love them. We’re always excited about the latest advances in decoding the language of dogs, or proving how dogs are good for your health, or finding brilliant, quirky new ways to fit dogs into our lives. And we love sharing those discoveries with you! These are some of our favorite things we learned about our dogs this week. And don’t forget to check out BarkPost Discover for more.

1. Therapy dogs in residence at army hospitals are helping our soldiers process their PTSD. Seriously: we are forever impressed by, and grateful for, the depths of kindness and empathy a dog can possess.


2. In the UK, twelve rescue dogs are competing for the chance to become pilots. Like, pilots. Hopefully they don’t chase the tail of their own plane, because I get a little dizzy.


3. In other news from the UK, we’ve got fresh evidence that dogs can help ease your road rage. Seriously, these Brits have it all figured out. I want it all: Dog pilots! Dog drivers! Dog Sea Captains! America, we’ve never settled for second place before. Let’s do it!


4. There are genuine health benefits for senior citizens who own dogs. Now if we could just prove that dogs can play bridge, my Dad will adopt one for sure.


5. We’ve put together a delightful guide to if your dog is a DC or a Marvel dog. Is your pup a BatDog or a SpiderDog? A SuperPup or a Grrr-dian of the Galaxy? Find out quick, before an alternate timeline scrambles everything!

is your dog a fan of marvel comics or dc comics

6. Lizzy is back to teach more of the Alphabet to kids. Most dogs I know are pretty good at fetch or roll over. Much rarer to meet a dog who can really nail the ABCs, though. Lizzy, you’re a cut above!


7. Scientists figured out how to test night vision in dogs vs. cats. So if our dogs and cats ever sneak out and wage an epic midnight battle royale, Jets vs Sharks style, now you know who to bet on. (PS whatever the study says, I’m taking dogs.)


8. Speaking of legendary showdowns, a Robo-Dog stared down a real dog and the results were, well, maybe a little embarrassing for team flesh-and-fur. Whatever! Until they teach a Robo-Dog how to cuddle, I’m sticking with real pups, thanks. (Disclaimer: if they ever *do* teach a Robo-Dog how to cuddle, then yes I will buy ten of them. Cuddly Army Of Death!)


Featured Image via Crusoe The Celebrity Dachshund

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Written by: Will Storie

March 6, 2016

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