18 Lifehacks Every Dog Parent Needs to Know

Written by: Stacie Grissom

October 17, 2013

Here at Bark&Co., we’re dedicated to helping folks keep their dogs happy and healthy. In 2011 we launched BarkBox, a monthly delivery of dog toys, treats, and goodies. In 2012 we launched this here BarkPost, the content home dedicated to the quirkiest, zaniest, dog-celebratin’ dog ruvers. And in 2013 we’ve just launched BarkCare, the app that keeps your dog happy and healthy.

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A bit of backstory– BarkCare is an app and an online platform where you can contact a vet anytime, anywhere. It’s seriously like a vet in your pocket. Right now we have a handful of the smartest and nicest vets around led by BarkCare’s Dr. Rob. The best part about BarkCare is that we’re making it fast and easy to get info about your pup’s health and help you out when your four-legged ruv isn’t feeling her best. (And it also keeps all your pup’s medical info in one secure spot.)

Below are 18 life hacks to help make you the most intelligent dog parent possible that The BarkPost has found around the web. As an EXTRA bonus, our partners at BarkCare would like to give an exclusive lifehack to help you when you need it. All BarkPost readers can get a free month of professional help at BarkCare when they use the code “BARKPOST” during sign-up!

Lifehack #18: Call BarkCare.

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Lifehack #17: Protect your pup’s paws in the winter with Vaseline.

Oof. Can you imagine what it would feel like to walk around on those salty + snowy sidewalks in the winter? Protect your pup’s paws from chapping and cracking by applying a bit of Vaseline to them before you go out each time. After your walk, you can just rinse the paws in warm water to get rid of any salt or chemicals your four-legged ruv might’ve picked up. (Info from ASPCA.)

Lifehack #16: Make a DIY dog toothbrush.

An easy way to get your canine’s canines is to take a clean piece of gauze, wrap it around your finger, make a paste of baking soda and water, and then brusha brusha brusha! If you want a special toothpaste, be sure to contact one of our vets at BarkCare. NEVER use human toothpaste on a pup because it can contain xylitol which can cause liver failure. (Info from ASPCA.)

Lifehack #15: Use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting.

If your pet has gotten into something poisonous like chocolate or raisins, use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. Give one teaspoon per five pounds of body weight. This can save your dog’s life if done quickly. For peace of mind, you can always check in with your local vet or call the folks at BarkCare. (Info source: Lifehacker, Photo source.)
dog vomiting

Lifehack #14: Make a simple water dispenser.

With a few items, you can give your pup fresh water all day, even while you’re at work. Check out the tutorial here.

Lifehack #13: Use simple chemistry to get rid of the skunk smell.

When pups see skunks, they don’t always have the same smelly fear mechanisms in place that we do. If your dog gets’ sprayed, you can get rid of the smell by mixing a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, one quarter cup of baking soda, and two teaspoons of liquid Dawn soap. (Info source, image source.)

Lifehack #12: Use a dryer sheet to get rid of static electricity in your pup’s coat during thunderstorms.

When a thunderstorm rolls in, it is likely that your pup is more afraid of the weird static building up in his/her coat vs. the loud thunders and bright lightnings. Take a dryer sheet to remove the static from your dog’s coat and give them lots of cuddles to calm down. : ) (Info source, Image source.)
scared dog storm

Lifehack #11: Diarrhea? Use ze old chicken and rice combo.

If your pup’s poo is not lookin’ so great, you can put your dog on a diet of chicken and rice for a couple days until it calms down. If your pup has an upset tummy, pull all food and water for 12 hours to see if it calms down. If you’ve got a puppy who’s vomiting, call BarkCare or your local vet right away because puppies can become dehydrated very quickly. (Info source, image source.)

Lifehack #10: Use pumpkin to help with constipation.

Pup can’t poo? Canned pumpkin (without spices) can help with constipation. (Info source.)
constipated dog

Lifehack #9: Benadryl + baking soda paste helps with bee stings.

If your pup gets stung by a bee, you can remove the stinger by scraping it with a credit card. Then, apply a paste of baking soda to the area as a poultice. If you pup shows signs of an allergic reaction, call the folks at BarkCare to check the symptoms before giving a dosage of Benadryl. (Info source, image source.)

Lifehack #8: Hack an old pair of cargo shorts into a dog-cooling vest.

If you are going on a long walk in the summer, use this tutorial to make a cooling vest out of old cargo shorts. Once you have it made, you can get the vest wet and then put ice packs in the pockets to keep your pup cool!

Lifehack #7: Put a ball in your dog’s food bowl if he or she eats too fast.

If you’ve got a supper gobbler, just put a ball in your pup’s dinner! They’ll have to move around the ball when they eat and it will make them a little slower. (Info and image source.)

Lifehack #6: Even minor cuts can become infected– take the proper precautions.

Lose a fight with the cat? Those scratches can be a little scarier than they initially appear. If you start to see signs of infection, visit your local vet to get antibiotics or antibiotic topical cream.

Lifehack #5: Prevent demolished power cords and shocked puppehs with bitter apple spray.

If you’ve got a teething pup who loves destroying cords, spritz bitter apple spray onto a paper towel and wipe the cord with it. (Info source, image source.)

Lifehack #4: Make your own shampoo.

With 1 cup of dish soap, 1 cup of vinegar, and 1 quart of warm water, you can have a simple, natural shampoo for your pup! (Info source, Image source.)

Lifehack #3: Make a doggeh tongue brush.

Since most of that awful dog breath lives on the tongue, you can put some of the dog toothpaste on a lint brush and have your pup lick it off! After use, you can put the lint brush in the dishwasher to disinfect it!
lint brush toothbrush

Lifehack #2: If your pup gets a tick, get out the tweezers.

No matter how much you try to protect your pup, the ticks might stick. To remove one, just grab the tick’s body with some tweezers and pull straight out. After you’ve removed the tick’s body, you can wipe the area with a bit of rubbing alcohol, but your pup’s immune system will fight off the tick’s mouth to prevent infection in the rest of the body. (Info source, image source.)

Lifehack #1: Convert an IKEA storage table into a cool pet crate.

If you don’t like those plastic kennels that don’t let much light in, try using this tutorial to create a stylish pup crate out of an IKEA storage table. You just replace some of the assembly instructions with a set of hinges. Plus, you pup will feel safe and secure in a cozy den they can call their own. : )
original (1)

And if you’re ever unsure about something concerning your pup, be sure to give the vets at BarkCare a call! The code “BARKPOST” to get a free month is only available for a limited time.

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

October 17, 2013

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