9 DIY Dog Harnesses for the Fashion Forward Pup (And Owner!)

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 24, 2015

Have you been looking for the perfect dog harness and just not had any luck finding it? If you are so inclined there are many great resources for you to make it yourself!

Keep in mind that there are tons of different types of harnesses, but the average dog owner will be looking for a walking harness. Other types of harness include: carting, freighting, sledding, pulling, and those used for dog wheelchairs.

As far as styles go, making your own harness allows for much more artistic license than buying one off the rack.

1. The Steampunk Harness

If you know how to leatherwork, or just want to learn, this project might be for you! You’ll need to modify the harness if you want to clip a leash to it.


2. Crochet Harness

If crochet is more your style there are a number of patterns available online. Check out Luvs2Knit for these patterns and others. These allow for so much customization of color and material. Make sure you can easily wash whichever yarn you choose and that it is sturdy enough for the size of your dog.


3. Fabric Harness

If you are a wiz with a sewing machine, or if you are just starting and want a small project, there are a number of commercial and personal patterns available.

As a bonus this one has a dog bed pattern!


4. Small Pup Harness

If you have a little pup, check out this Simplicity pattern.


5. One Hour Small Pup Harness

This DIY has easy step by step instructions, great for novice sewers.


6. DIY LED Harness

For the very crafty, this harness update is a great way to keep your pup safe at night.

LED Harness

7. DIY GPS Harness

For those with some tech skills, this GPS harness is a great weekend project. And you get to track how much ground your pup covers.

GPS Harness

8. GoPro Harness

If you are cinematically inclined and want to know what the world looks like to your pup check out this GoPro Harness.


9. Paracord Harness

Paracord dog collars, leashes, and harnesses are becoming increasingly popular and here is how to make one.These instructions are for the collar, but the technique can be used for halters and leashes.


And here are the paracord harness instructions, don’t be put off by the cat.


You can also find simple instructions for a nylon webbing harness over at eHow, a DIY sledding harness at UberPest, and check out how to use you leash as a harness courtesy of Rachel Hogue.

Now take a walk!

Featured image via @PoochUSir

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 24, 2015

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