15 DIY Treats You Can Make For Your Dog This Halloween

Halloween means a ton of chocolate. A ton of chocolate that your pup can't have. Why not make Halloween their favorite holiday by giving them their very own array of yummy treats. 1. Doggy Fro-Yo  Healthy and delicious! An all-natural Greek yogurt based treat that your pup will surely love. doggy froyo 2. Peanut Butter, Banana, & Yogurt Pupsicles  A little treat to cool down the pup in the summer or reward him for extra good behavior year round. dsc_5727 3. Homemade Ice Cream Who doesn't love ice cream for dessert? Our four-legged pals, I'm sure, are no exception. This yogurt-based dessert is a great way to treat your pup without feeding them human ice-cream, which can actually be bad for their health. dogicecream-500x333 4. Frozen Pet Treats  Using some freezable bases and other yummy snacks pups enjoy and can eat, these frozen treats are sure to put a smile on your pup's face. diy-frozen-pet-treats 5. Pumpkin FroYo Bites  'Tis the season for pumpkin everything! Easy to make and healthy for your pup, this is perfect for helping your pup stay cool on a hotter autumn day, or celebrating Halloween festivities with the entire fam. DIY-Pumpkin-FroYo-Bites-for-Dogs_thumb 6. Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits Peanut butter and sprinkles. What's not to love? It's like the Reese's Pieces of doggie treats. Brody-Peanut-Butter-Doggie-Bones 7. Banana Blueberry Ice Cubes A healthy treat that both you and your dog could eat (if you really wanted to). P1020833I 8. No Bake Coconut Dog Treats Coconut? Yum. No bake? Even better. With an ingredient as easy-peasy as this one, your dog will be snacking on this take on "Mounds" in no time. No-Bake-Coconut-Dog-Treat-Recipe-Pretty-Fluffy 9. Doggie Pup-Cakes Perfect for a halloween puppy pawty or gotcha-day celebration! PUPCAKES_COVER-936x1024 10. Peanut Snack Sandwiches These adorable snacks look absolutely gorgeous - almost too cute to eat, I would say! Good thing they're for the pups, and not us. 4597249_281271_Dog 11. Tropical Chicken Pops Mashing dessert up with a delicious bully stick chew. Two birds, one stone. bully-sticks2-516x387 12. Strawberry Shortcake Dog Biscuits A delightful dog-friendly take on the classic berries-and-cream. b2c7a19251edfea295dcf0d27ce21576 13. Peanut Butter Doggy Macarons A classy treat that your pup will be sure to go gaga for. 5c8636c91561c6bf71333e890429d960 14. Apple Crunch Pupcakes Two desserts come together to form this indulgent treat. 8ceb1023d3370b9660d8852fba0626d2 15. Mini Berry-Almond Cake The ultimate doggy treat: a cute, classy, layered cake with dog-friendly icing and a berry on top! 02_beach

Emily Wang

6 years ago

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