DIY: Everything You Need to Groom Your Dog at Home

Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 13, 2016

This Pup Parenting Guide is brought to you by Wahl Pet, the fastest-growing pet grooming brand committed to developing all-natural products for a healthy, happy dog!

As your dog’s human, it’s your job to take care of all the things that contribute to your pup’s well-being. Things like grooming and healthy hygiene can be a little tricky when your little lovebeast’s favorite pastimes include raiding the litter box for kitty cat treats or rolling around in horse dung. Thankfully, there are some amazing products out there to help all levels of pup parents create a DIY grooming routine from the convenience of home. Here are all the items DIY-whiz dog parents pawsonally recommend and instructions on how to do everything yourself!


Lithium Ion Pet Clipper:
Perry Ryan, Cockapoo Custodian: “My dog Charlie’s fur grows SUPER fast. I have a hard time keeping up with it sometimes. To groom Charlie myself, I use a mixture of battery-powered clippers (If I want to groom outside!) and scissors. Usually I have to groom his body every other month but his face and paws are continuous. I have never paid anyone to cut Charlie’s fur, I’ve done it myself his whole life! I typically start by finding one piece of fur I want to cut and then an hour later there is fur everywhere and Charlie looks like a new pup. The best part is that because I’m the one doing it, he stays super calm and I can do it while I watch TV!”



Tasmai Uppin, Terrier Mutt Cheerleader: “I always use shampoos with all-natural ingredients because I don’t think scented chemicals are good for dogs. Plus, my dog doesn’t have a very thick coat and his skin is really sensitive so I want to make sure that nothing irritates him. I alternate between bathing and using a deodorizing spray when I brush him once every couple of days.”


No-Rinse Shampoo:
Brandon Rhoads, Chihuahua Hype Man: “The no-rinse shampoo is a great bath between baths. My dog Ricky doesn’t like being wet at ALL so baths are an enormous pain. I have to basically put on a snorkel and swim trunks in the shower to get the job done because Ricky is a hairy little guy who makes a huge mess. The no-rinse shampoo is especially great when my mom is coming over because I don’t want her to think that I don’t bathe my dog.”

dog no rinse shampoo WAHL


2-In-1 Rake/Blade:
Emma Weeks, Cattle Dog Camp Counselor: “My dog Sadie is one of those dogs where you can clean the apartment for 5 hours and turn around and there is more dog fur. As the season changes to spring or summer, we make sure to do a deep brush to get rid of her thick undercoat so that she can stay cool in the warm months. Then it’s just weekly light brushings to make sure that I don’t have to vacuum my rug every other night and we have more time to do her favorite thing: play fetch in the park!”

brush dog in the park


Dog Deodorant:
Lauren Fulton, Doodle Mom: “I love using an all-natural deodorant for my dog, Rhodie, because it extends the time between when I have to give her a bath and it smells really nice. It makes me want to sit on the couch with her more often and also helps to manage her crazy Poodle curls.”


Odor Neutralizer:
Chris Patota, The Mutt Father: “I use the odor neutralizer because if my dog Tucker smells like a butt, it always ends up getting on me too. It’s definitely no fun when I go into work smelling like my dog’s butt. Even if this is a dog-friendly office.”

Pasted image at 2016_06_02 04_37 PM


Nail Clipper:
Lisa Bernier, Weenie Wrangler and Hound Dog Herdswoman: “I have two dogs and I have to trim their toenails very differently. My strategy is to cut off a little at a time to get their nails the right length. With my hound puppy, Pepper, I have to bribe her with a spoonful of peanut butter while I trim so that she doesn’t even realize what is going on. With my Dachshund Andi, I’ve conditioned her to realize that it is simple, stress-free and she tolerates it just fine!”


Also be sure to check out WAHL’s step-by-step guide on nail trimming that will turn you into a claw-clipping ninja!

For more grooming products and DIY tips, visit WAHL!

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Written by: Stacie Grissom

June 13, 2016

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