17 Gifs Of Dock Dogs Who Adorably Believe They Can Fly

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 8, 2015

Did you know that professional dog diving is a thing that is real? It is!

Dogs who dive are called ‘Dock Dogs.’ These pups compete in dozens of events to show off their mad pool skillz.

While being a Dock Dog is serious business, it’s also seriously adorable. These pups look like they’re flying as high as a frisbee when they jump in for their dive.

It’s pretty epic. We gathered up our favorite Dock Dog moments in 17 magical gifs. (We included a few amateurs for extra LOLZ.)

1. Ok. There is no way this dog is not attached to a wire. Seriously.

dock dogs 16

2. This dive turned into a little bit of a flop. Still adorable.

dock dogs 12

3. This Dock Dog clearly has more skills than his brother, who gets left in the dust.

dock dogs 8

4. Pretty sure this guy’s code name is ‘Jaws.'”

dock dogs 13

5. You have to work up to the high dive, right?

dock dog 2

6. Apparently, you also have to work up to the long jump.

dock dog 3

7. Alright, so this dog is 100% flying. I assume he also walks on water.

dock dog 6

8. This pup is as aerodynamic as a frisbee.

dock dogs 14

9. Do you think there was any water left in the pool after that big splash?

dock dogs 11


10. He’s a little unsure about his first foray into dock diving, but his mom threw a treat in the water. There’s no going back now!

dock dog 4

11. Aw. It’s ok little pup. You’ll get to the big leagues some day.

dock dog 5

12. Wait a second. Wait one second. This pup’s cheating. There MUST be a springboard there, right?

dock dogs 9

13. Is this called reverse fishing?

dock dog 7

14. This little pup’s nickname is ‘Speedy McSpeedster.’

dock dogs 15

15. If you’ve ever wondered what a dog cannon ball looks like, this is it.

dock dogs 10

16. We all wipe out sometimes, pup!

dock dog 17

17. It doesn’t matter where this pup places in the competition. His smile is all that matters.

dock dogs 18

Featured image via @sammachamma_and_leo.

Written by: Regina Lizik

July 8, 2015