How To Tell If Your Dog Is Like A Human Toddler (Spoiler Alert: They 100% Are)

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015

Do you think 2-year-olds are the only delightful creatures that make messes, crave attention, get into mischief and more? Think again! Here’s 14 ways your dog is just like a 2-year-old!

1. Snuggle time! Whether you’re running late, just walking in the door or trying to walk OUT the door, dogs always want to cuddle.

Reese the Aussiedoodle on Instagram

2. They get into EVERYTHING! Garbage, cushions, food, toilet paper, cabinets…you name it, they’re in it!

Normiedoodle on Instagram

3. They’re attention-seekers. Look at me! Play with me! Pet me! Me! Me! Me!


4. They’re OBSESSED with their favorite blankie.


5. They’re (unfortunately) attracted to mud like a moth to a flame!

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6. They take great pleasure in making a mess at mealtime!

7. You just can’t say “no” to their sweet, pleading eyes.


8. You don’t have to worry about them getting mixed up with the wrong crowds because you can choose their friends for them!

bulldog and baby

9. Keeping them safe is a top priority — and they will always try to fool your fool-proof methods.

terminator dog gif use

10. If you can’t find them for even a moment, you might actually feel your heart stop!


11. They’re known to throw an epic tantrum every once in a while.

12. They’ll have what you’re having…always!


13. They just love to play games!

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14. They sometimes need your help to bail them out of jams!

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If anything, dogs might be able to teach toddlers a thing or two. Like crawling.

baby dog crawl gif

Featured image via @gertiegrams/Instagram

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

July 10, 2015