Baby Monkey Rides On A Dog’s Back Because The World Is A Magical Place

Facebook user Zainal Azman Hj Bidin was driving through a village in Malaysia when he came across something so bizarre he demanded the driver to pull over so that he could capture the whole thing on video. What he captured was a dog strutting down the road with a baby monkey on her back.


The video is only 35 seconds long, so it’s uncertain where the dog and monkey were heading or how they even teamed up to begin with. Some news sources are saying the monkey’s mother died and the dog had stepped in as a substitute mom, but I think I know the real reason behind this unusual pair: they’re off to fight crime, obviously.

Erti kasih sayang. Sekarang ramai kalangan manusia mendera anak termasuk mendera anak sendiri sehingga mati. Tapi tadi saya sempat mengambil gambar video seekor anjing memelihara seekor anak kera yang kematian ibu. Haiwan ini memiliki sifat peri kemanusiaan yang sepatutnya sifat ini ada pada setiap manusia. Peristiwa di Kampung Orang Asli Paya Rekoh, Mukim Jenderak Kuala Krau, Temerloh, Pahang, pada 4 Ogos, 2015, pukul 3.35 ptg.

Posted by Zainal Azman Hj Bidin on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tiffany White

7 years ago