Adoring Couple Revamp Their Balcony Into A Magical Puppy Paradise

Apartment living may seem cramped, especially with a furry beast sharing space and conveniently not paying rent, but to them it's just one big playground. Couches? AWESOME. A big bed? I'M IN. Even the not-so-exciting parts just contain fun that's yet to be had. 11849200_1071175186226653_1019541936_n But what if a simple, boring balcony were made a little more, well, dog-friendly? That must have been the thought that ran through these pup-ruvin' parents' minds as they snuggled up to their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Franklin, one day. They decided to pupgrade their home and give it a little puppy pizzazz, if you will. First, they drew up the blueprints. Dog house here, some nice foliage there... and what would a home be without a white picket fence? balcony-6 When construction started, Franklin's humans began by cutting a few 8-foot lengths of timber into shorter strips for the fence. They then secured them to large pieces of plywood so they'd stand up straight on the concrete floor. balcony-2 But of course, they had to paint it white! balcony-3 Then bing, bang, wham, we got a layer of synthetic turf spread over the plywood and a gorgeous little dog house, and viola! Puppy paradise. balcony-4 And in case you weren't sure, Franklin insisted on a sign in his honor, as well as his own personal garden. He loves the smell of African Daisies in summer. balcony-5
H/t Dog Heirs, Featured Image via Imgur

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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