16 Of The Best Dog-Inspired Children’s Books On The Market

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

September 8, 2015

Oh, the power of reading! There are so many kids in this world who love pups and books. Why not combine the two with wonderful tales on pups, pet ownership, love, and identity? This round-up will teach kids life lessons and deepen their growing love of dogs.

1. I Love My Puppy by Caroline Jayne Church

A petite book perfect for introducing preschool tykes to all things pup, including touch and feel pages. It’s a sweet way to begin dog loving littles on a reading journey.

i love my puppy

2. Biscuit by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

In a collection of ten stories, Biscuit goes on adventures, makes new friends, and explores. Biscuit and his sweet little human take on life’s magic by storm.


3. Arthur’s New Puppy by Marc Brown

Arthur, the classic kid’s book character, learns the delight of having a new puppy. This engaging tale will teach and enrich children who have or want a dog in their lives.


4. A Dog Is A Dog by Stephen Shaskan

Feisty illustrations and bright colors will keep young readers flipping through this adorable picture book. It’s snazzy and eye-catching for new and seasoned readers alike.

a dog is a dog

5. Dog Bingo by Polly Horner

This book is a fun and educational way to heighten a curious child’s quest for knowledge on all things dog. The education aspect is an enjoyable supplement for understanding science, while turning learning activities into games!

dog bingo

6. Run, Dog! by Cécile Boyer

Wherever that little red ball goes, so does this pup! Children that love action and are ready to learn new words will dive right into this little tale.

run dog

7. The Night I Followed The Dog by Nina Laden

A little boy thinks his pup is just another dog until he sees his pup come out of a limousine. He decides to follow his pup and that’s when the adventure begins.

night follow dog

8. Bark, George by Jules Feiffer

George doesn’t know how to bark and this story follows his struggles and triumphs. Kids can relate to this book as they learn new skills.


9. Sassafrass Jones and the Search for a Forever Home by Cathleen Smith Bresciani

Dog lovers of all ages can agree that rescuing a dog is life changing. If you’re introducing a child to the wonders of dog rescue, or simply looking for a story to connect to a rescue pup identity, read Sassafrass’s story for her quest on forever love.


10. The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

A little girl wants to make — you guessed it — the most magnificent thing in the world. Her sidekick and bff for life is a small Pug. As our young protagonist gets frustrated in her designs, her best Pug companion teaches her that it’s okay to make mistakes.

mag thing book

11. I’ll Always Love You by Hans Wilhelm

It can be hard to talk about a pet’s passing with a youngster. This book teaches little dog lovers that it’s okay to mourn and to take part in the joy of celebrating life.

love you

12. Sashi the Scared Little Sheltie by Linda Greiner

Life is hard and scary. Sashi has fears, too, but this insightful pup overcomes these struggles. For kids learning to face their fears and come out on top, this pup teaches them resilience and self-love.


13. Sashi Adopts A Little Brother by Linda Greiner

Introducing siblings (of any species) can be ruff. Sashi helps her family as they foster a new pup. Kids will eat up these life lessons on dog rescue, and maybe even new human siblings. 😜

sashi brother

14. Puppy Transit by Susan and Nancy Wu

A boy named Freddie befriends a pup named Denver and soon learns that the dog doesn’t have a family of his own. This is a story about love and starting a new family.

puppy transit

15. Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day

Carl is supposed to watch over a new human in his house: a new baby girl. When Carl’s day unfolds with his new human, he gets caught up in fantastical and silly events to keep all types of readers interested.


16. Where’s The Party? by Ruth Chan

Okay, okay. So maybe this one is about a cat. But Georgie invites all of his animal friends to the party — puppies included!


Featured image via Sashi the Scared Little Sheltie

Reviewed by Stephanie Valente

September 8, 2015