11 Dog Cakes That Are Practically Works Of Art

Last week we offered up the 16 most horrifying dog cake fails, so to cleanse your aesthetic palate, we now bring you the antidote: 11 amazing dog cakes. Bookmark now for birthday party inspiration! 1. This cake is a spot-on likeness of Spot the Dog. spotdogcake 2. and 3. These incredibly lifelike cakes were displayed side by side at a wedding reception." White-Dog-Cake-med1 Sassy-the-Dog-Cake-med 4. And one more mega-lifelike cake. Black-Lab-Cake-med 5. Here's a super cute Father's Day cake. fathersdaycake 6. And an adorable cake for a mom, too. momcake 7. Maybe some pupcakes for the kiddos? puppy-cupcakes 8. Dog cake with a modern b&w bone motif. dogcakewithbones 9. Another cute play on the b&w theme. spotty-dogs 10. What a cute little beggar. beggingdogcake 11. Dalmatians! luluandbellecakes
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Erin Webreck

7 years ago

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