Dog Who Chewed Off Paw To Escape His Chain Now Has A Forever Home

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 20, 2016

Gavin is getting a second chance. Thanks to some determined volunteers at Pet Pals and Proverbs 12:10, the Pit Bull mix who chewed its own paw off to escape his chain, now has a brand new forever home.

According to WKRN, a kind stranger found an injured Gavin and brought him to the Maury County Animal Services near Nashville three weeks ago. Why? Gavin was missing a paw.

The stranger assumed that Gavin had gotten his leg caught in a trap. But Dr. Samantha Holter from Veterinary Wellness Clinic of Columbia quickly realized that it was something much more devastating. Because Gavin had just one laceration above his leg, they realized it couldn’t have been a trap. Gavin also had raw skin around his neck. So, they quickly determined that Gavin was chained by his neck. He must have gotten his leg caught in the chain, and he wound up chewing off his paw to get free.

“That tugs at your heart strings,” Pet Pals president Sonjalyn Dickson told WKRN. “To see that exposed bone and that look on his face. It just looked like he had no hope left.”

Luckily, Gavin had some friends on his side. Pet Pals is an organization that helps animals with medical conditions in the area. They heard about Gavin’s story and paid to have Gavin’s leg amputated. It’s because of them that Gavin’s alive.

Now, Gavin has a new life. The organization Proverbs 12:10 even helped find Gavin a new forever home. Now he’s far from the hopeless pup who chewed off his paw three weeks ago.


Gavin, thankfully, got a happy ending. But he’s just one sad case for Maury County. According to Pet Pals, Gavin was the fourth animal to be hurt because of tethering this year.

Now, activists are working hard to improve the state’s tethering laws. The current law states that a person can be charged with a misdemeanor in Tennessee if they knowingly tether a dog in a way that can hurt the dog.

Activists and lawmakers like Columbia City Councilwoman Debbie Matthews want stricter and more preventive laws. Rather than prosecuting after a dog’s already been hurt, they want to ban chaining dogs altogether and allow police to help dogs if they see that one is tangled in a chain.

Featured image via WKRN

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

April 20, 2016