Pup Gets Trapped Inside Cliff Face, Learns Life Lesson About Squirrels

While at Palisades Park with his owner, pup Smoky spotted a squirrel. Like many other doges would, he recklessly darted after it. Dog people know a pooch chasing after a taunting squirrel isn't unusual, but what happened next is: Smoky found himself stuck inside a crevice high above the Santa Monica beach. [caption id="attachment_36292" align="aligncenter" width="650"]Image via WTHR Image via WTHR[/caption] Traffic was stopped on the Pacific Coast Highway while firefighters coaxed the dog out of the crevice to make the daring rescue. The dog resisted at first, but the brave firefighters were able to remove Smoky and get him safely to ground. Smoky was happily reunited with his owner, and hopefully he won't be chasing squirrels by cliffs in the near future! Watch more on the dramatic rescue here:
13 WTHR Indianapolis
H/t WTHR and Canyon News Featured image via Canyon News

Stephanie Figy

7 years ago

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