Comforting Dog And His Fellow Rescue Puppy Have Arrived Safely At NYC Rescue

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 7, 2016

**Update May 20, 2016**

Sammie and Simon have arrived safely in NYC, TOGETHER!

Flying Fur Animal Rescue helped these pups and four others make the journey from South Carolina to the Big Apple, where they are now in the hands of their rescue angels at Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

sammie nyc

Paws & Claws Animal Clinic, who have been caring for this sweet pair, say that Sammie’s leg is healing much better than they expected, and we can see that slowly but surely, Simon is growing his fluffy coat back. Check out the two of them playing before the big trip!

They said their goodbyes to everyone at Paws & Claws for their amazing work, but it wasn’t easy!

sammie goodbyes

Sammie already has hundreds of applications ready and waiting for when he’s well enough to go to his forever home. Though it would be wonderful to see these two go together, there is no word yet on Simon’s adoptive family. We can dream!

sammie and simon

Be sure to keep up with all of these pups’ progress on the Rescue Dogs Rock NYC Facebook page!


A young Boxer mix named Sammie, now receiving care at Paws & Claws Animal Clinic in South Carolina, was surrendered to a shelter with a bullet hole in his head, covered in blue spray paint, and bearing infected wounds from being dragged behind a car.

sammie before surgery

Rescue Dogs Rock (RDR) in New York City has agreed to fund his care and find him a home once he recovers—Sammie has already raised nearly $20,000 on his YouCaring fundraising page (**please note, the photos in this link are graphic). Sammie was “signed over” as a stray by an individual who claimed “he wouldn’t die.” Due to the circumstances of his surrender, there will be no investigation.


Though he is certainly improving, Sammie is not yet in the clear regarding his infected leg wounds. RDR calls it one of the “most horrific” cases they’ve ever seen, but as Sammie fights for his life, he—and everyone around him—have been touched by the actions of another dog who is no stranger to suffering.

simon comforting sammie

Simon is recovering from his own sort of horrific past; he was surrendered as a stray and is recovering from mange. Owner of the vet clinic Dr. Mike Sauer told People that when he let Simon out of his cage, he “went straight to Sammie.” He even hopped up on the examination table and placed a paw on Sammie’s, almost as though reassuring him that he no longer needs to be scared.

Following a three-hour surgery to assess and attempt to mend the damage in Sammie’s legs and repair the bullet wound in his head, Simon continues to check on him. Sammie is on strict cage rest—the bone in his hind leg was worn down from being dragged, he has severe infections in the days-old lacerations in his front legs, and he receives daily bandage changes from his amazing caretakers.

simon checking on sammie

Simon, too, has some recovery ahead of him, but he is improving quickly and will be available for adoption sooner than his friend. A Facebook post on the rescue’s page says that “the bond between these two continues to grow, [b]oth know they are safe and rescued.”

Keep up with Sammie and Simon’s recovery on the Paws & Claws Facebook page. Additional information about Sammie may also be updated via Rescue Dogs Rock.

h/t Paw My Gosh, featured image via Paws & Claws Animal Clinic

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 7, 2016

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