9 Gloriously Weird Craigslist Ads About Dogs

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

May 5, 2015

This post contains language not suitable for tiny humans, big humans… continue reading!

They are the people who post about dogs on Craigslist. Some of these people love dogs, some of these people don’t love dogs and some of these people are just plain… well, weird.

1. The Dog Who Thinks He’s Nietzsche.

There are a few antisocial breeds out there, but hounds aren’t one of them. Except for this guy’s hound, who hates everything.

nihilist dog
nihilist dog 3

Basically, his dog is like every brooding boyfriend I’ve ever had.

2. This Owner Who Wrote His Dogs A Complaint Letter.

dog craigslist letter

It’s a shame that dogs can’t read.

3. This Human Who Tried To Advise Her Dogs On The Harsh Realities Of Life.

advice for dogs

Don’t play with the cat! It’s a trap! Also, ew.

4. The Person Who Never Wants You To Be Without Your Dog.

shrunken dog head

Do you think they have an Etsy store? I think they need an Etsy store. Maybe even a Kickstarter campaign to get this business off the ground.

5. This Dog That’s Looking For An Airbnb.

rent my dog
rent my dog 2

According to the ad, this pup is also a total chick magnet. Who could say no?

6. These People Who Can’t Remember Where They Put Their Bacon. (The HORROR!)

borrow your dog

They should rent that guy’s Beagle.

7. The Dog Who Made His Owner Unattractive.

unattractive dog owner
unattractive dog owner 2

This one time, I was chatting up this gorgeous guy and then out of nowhere my Shiba pops a squat and lets out a massive poop. That guy couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

8. This Good Samaritan Who Wants To Care For Your Pets After The Rapture.

pets after the rapture

Love thy neighbor and thy neighbor’s dog.

9. The “Found Objects” Artist.

dog toe nail art

This is the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life. I bet she’ll make you a custom piece if you send her your dog’s nail clippings and fur.

Written by: Hope Bobbitt

May 5, 2015

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