Dog Crashes Cricket Match To Force Everyone To Rub His Belly

There have been numerous movies about dogs being great at sports, but people generally don't seem to appreciate when such events occur in the real world. In this video, however, a dog crashes a live cricket game, but instead of causing outrage the pup manages to steal the hearts of the viewers. With cheers and laughter, the crowd doesn't seem to mind the interruption. The stray dog even seems to be enjoying the commotion as it makes its rounds around the field. As security tries to end the fun, the video ends hopeful as the pup escapes off the field. No one ever seemed to mind in the movies when dogs competed with people on sports teams. Maybe this pup just wanted to see if he had the talent to try out for the newest "Cricket Dog" movie. Hey, we'd watch it. [bp_related_article]

h/t Mashable

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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