This Video Of A Mama Dog Crying Has Gone Viral, But Here’s What’s Really Going On

Recently, a dog and her litter of puppies were rescued from an unknown situation. The video below doesn't reveal what happened, but at least we know these pups are safe. What the video does show is the relieved mama seemingly crying with happiness that she and her puppies are out of harm's way. Her tears have captured the heart of the internet, but the dog isn't actually crying. [bp_related_article] The dog is exhibiting signs of epiphora. Epiphora is not a disease, it is merely an indication that the pup's tear ducts are blocked. Most of the time, the conditions that cause epiphora are easily treated. Now that she is safe, we're sure her condition will be treated and she'll be healthy in no time.
Feature image via Thomas Catterall. h/t Yahoo News.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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