17 Pieces Of Pup-Inspired Decor For The Doting Dog Dad

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2015

Whether it’s for his man cave, his office, his locker, or his bachelor pad, the doggy dad deserves some pawesome decor this Father’s Day. We’ve come up with a list of goodies that will add a dash of dachshund or a lot of lab to his special space.

1. Dachshund Accent Lamp Base, $26.99

Pay homage to the light of his life with this handsome lamp base that’s perfectly sized for a nightstand, mantle, or desk.

dog lampF

2. Linen Throw Pillow, $46

Donning thick-rimmed glasses and a bowtie, this stylish frenchie is equal parts hipster and prepster.


3. Fatboy Statue, $299

Standing over 8 feet tall, this inflatable, chrome-colored statue is for the dude who likes to make a statement. After hosting a totally cool party, he can even take a little nap on this pup’s hind leg.


4. Beagle Door Knocker, $120

This hand-polished bronze beagle will make a regal addition to any door.


5. Picture Your Pet President, $135

Show pop what his pooch looks like in the Oval Pawfice with this quirky, custom-made sketch. He rules the roost, why not the country?

dog prezF

6. Cherish the Pitbull Shower Curtain, $76.99
Add a splash of color to his grooming routine with this contemporary shower curtain.The couple that bathes together stays together…eh?


7. Watchdog Finials, $48

The dapper dude knows it’s in the details, which is why he needs these fetching brass finials in his life immediately.


8. Dog Walk Rug, $34.99+

It’s a rug covered in dogs. Twenty-eight dogs, to be specific. And no two are alike. Now if only we could find matching wallpaper…


9. Resin Bulldog Figurine, $95.99

If this pooch appears to be puffing his chest, it’s because he is. We think daddy might feel a twinge of pride, too, with this gent perched on his mantle.

bulldog figF

10. Zuny Paperweight, $39.95

A perfect gift for the minimalist man, this black and white husky paperweight is super cool. Maybe it’s because he’s from Siberia.


11. Crazy Dog Wall Clock, $33.50

Remind your man that it’s always time for a snuggle with this adorable pug clock.

Dog ClockF

12. Bloodhound Poster Dictionary Page, $18

We can see this vintage, antiqued print hanging in a wood-appointed office or in a Victorian-style bathroom.


13. Dog Plaque, $5.89

How can he not smile when he sees this litter of lovelies hanging from the wall?


14. Lab Cube Ottoman, $65.99

He won’t know whether to kick his feet up or bow his head when he sees this drool-worthy piece! Choose from five pawsome prints.


15. Dog Dessert Plates, $250.56

For the fancy father, this collection features images from Sologne, a rural area in Central France with many small lakes and indigenous animals.

dog platesF

16. Dachshund Letter Organizer, $12.99

It might take a while for this little guy to deliver the mail, but propped up on his desk, this pint-sized pup will organize it like the dickens.


17. Humphrey the English Bulldog Wall Decal, $34.99

When you got it, flaunt it…all over the wall. This modern line has dozens of different doggies to choose from so you can show your love for the entire pack.


Featured image via Riley Hamilton

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 18, 2015

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