This Dog Donated Blood To A Dying Pup And Saved Her Life, Now They’re Best Friends

Mark and Jane Robinson were out walking their dog Nellie when a car rushed by, hitting Nellie. The dog’s injuries were devastating. When the pup arrived at Vine Tree Vets, veterinarian Amy Howard knew that the pup had very little time to live.

nellie 1

Nellie needed a blood transfusion. However, Nellie likely would have passed away had Amy waited to receive blood from the blood bank. So, she did something amazing. She rushed home and brought in her own dog, Dylan, to donate blood to the wounded pup.

dylan 1

Amy said:

Without the blood, Nellie would have died, as we could not stop the bleeding at the time. In my experience I have never seen a dog fight as much as she did.

Once Nellie was more stable, doctors performed surgery. It was then they realized that the accident severely damaged her liver. Doctors were forced to remove part of it. Nellie received another blood transfusion, this time from the blood bank and underwent another surgery.

Doctors didn’t expect her to live through the night.

nellie and dylan

But she did.

If Nellie’s tale of survival isn’t inspiring enough, it gets better! She and Dylan are now besties and love to run and play together.

nellie and dylan 2

High paws to Dylan and his human Amy for saving Nellie’s life! We’re sure you will all be friends furever!

Regina Lizik

6 years ago