Family Discovers Dog Is A Drug Dealer After He Brings Home $1,000 Worth Of Marijuana

Written by: Jared Evan

April 1, 2016

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A dog in Mississippi garnered a lot of attention this week, after bringing home a pound of marijuana to his unsuspecting hoomans.


This isn’t the dog’s first run in with the law. In fact, the only reason the canine recidivist was able to sneak the drugs past law enforcement this time was because he bribed drug-sniffing dogs with bully sticks.

Authorities were unable to charge the dog, as the all of the evidence is only circumstantial.

….Okay, so, maybe only that first part is true.

Note to the reader: We at the Barkpost don’t condone dogs and drugs, nor dogs doing drugs. At all. This is purely for entertainment purposes.


H/t via TIME
Featured image viaDaily Buzz

Written by: Jared Evan

April 1, 2016