Excalibur’s Dad Writes A Heartbreaking Letter To His Pup Killed By Ebola Panic

Javier Limón is the pup parent of Excalibur, who was recently euthanized. Why? Excalibur’s other pup parent is Limón’s wife Teresa Romero, the Spanish nurse currently fighting the Ebola disease. Excalibur’s euthanization by Spanish authorities was met with outrage and protests worldwide (especially since he showed no signs of the disease), has become a heartbreaking symbol of the Ebola outbreak response.

Recently, Limón wrote a moving letter to his passed pup. The letter was published as a blog on animal rights on the website el and also read by the family spokesperson Teresa Mesa.

BarkPost has word-for-word translated his heartfelt tribute to his passed pup:

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Excalibur, wherever you are, know that your loved ones will always keep you in their hearts.

The people who ended your life were bad and unsympathetic. We did all we could and more to save you, but in the end nothing worked.

While I write you this letter I can’t stop crying, but I’m very proud of you because you’ve served as an example for the entire world, and you will not be easily forgotten.

Now you need to give your mom strength so that she gets better, just like you’ve given me strength so that I keep fighting.

Though you are no longer with us, I promise you that justice will be served.


Excalibur, we remember you and even now, your story is making a difference in how we deal with other pups during this crisis. We wish both your pup parents well, and hope your hooman Teresa Romero makes a full recovery!

Image via The Mirror UK
Image via The Mirror UK

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h/t to The Mirror UK and Nicole Gabriel for her translation work.


Lisa Bernier

8 years ago