Dog Elected Mayor of Colorado Town… Yes– a DOG

Meet Pa Kettle...the new mayor of Divide, Colorado.Pa Kettle You read that right.  A dog is mayor of a town.  How is this possible?  Well, historically, the town of Divide hasn't had a mayor.  So every two years, the Teller County Regional Animal Shelter holds a special election to elect a new animal as mayor. According to "sources," here is a list of new 'pawlicies' Pa Kettle will be implementing while in office. 1. Add new fire hydrants on every corner of the town. 2. All dogs will be able to go outside.  Then back inside.  Then back outside.  Then inside again... 3. Cones of shame will no longer be permitted within city limits. 4. Bacon.  Just, bacon. 5. Cats shall ALWAYS let dogs pass. 6. The daily howl will be moved from 7 pm to "Whenever the humans fall asleep." 7. Sniffing of the butt is now a legal form of identification. 8. Absolutely NO dog shaming allowed.   Article Source

Hope Bobbitt

8 years ago

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