Collie Escapes, Hops On Train, And Sits Next To Dad Like It’s NBD

Thomas McCormack went to work and left his pup in the kennel for the day. But Paddy the Labrador Collie mix had other plans. McCormack was amazed when Paddy showed up on his train car and rode along for the morning commute. dog-on-trampoline McCormack said, "I was just on my way to work and went to the train station. I jumped on the train and, the next thing I know, Paddy comes in and sits on the seat next to me! I was confused, but laughing. The neighbour told me he was bouncing on the trampoline and came flying over the fence -- that's how he got out. He obviously followed my scent all the way to the station and jumped in the seat next to me. It's the only explanation I have. He's a clever dog." Mystery solved.
H/t and featured image via Mirror

Hope Bobbitt Writer

6 years ago

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