IRL Lassie Alerts Police When His Best Friend Falls Down An Icy Embankment

A dog’s loyalty to humans is truly amazing, so is their loyalty to one another. Earlier this week, two dogs from Massachusetts suffered a terrible scare when their human had a medical emergency and was taken to the hospital. During the ordeal, the confused dogs escaped their home.

Police immediately began searching for the dogs, but they couldn’t find them.

It was a freezing and icy, snowy day. While on the run, one of the pups slipped on ice and fell down a deep embankment injuring his paw. The other pup immediately knew he had to get help. The dog spotted one of the officers who was searching for the pair. The pup began barking and the officer could tell that the dog was trying to lead him somewhere.

That’s when they found the dog trapped in the deep embankment. Officers rescued the dog and took both pups to the vet.

We are so glad the pups are safe and we hope the owner recovers quickly.

Regina Lizik

6 years ago

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