14 Dog Families Adorably Taking Naps Together In Cute Heaps Of Fluff

If only your family naps were this cute (aren't you too old to be sleeping with your parents?). Let these cute pup families show you how it's done. 1. Come snuggle with us. You know you can't resist. bfR3gPx 2. Spooning your elderly mother is cute...well, when you're a dog. ILuoyFA 3. Pug nap. It's like a regular nap but puggier. 34K8ACM 4. "The mailman walked by my window again. Can I sleep with you guys?" 11356573_505028042993735_1197124638_n 5. German Shepherds are all about the #packlife. 6. These puppies either enjoy stacking or are trying to pick up a wifi signal. bGCh4ic 7. When you want to stay up late, but your parents are like, "Nope." 1515079_1409263209338642_713580801_n [bp_related_article] 8. These Shiba puppies must have had one hell of a night. AgtB8vW 9. Like father, like son. 1SSfD6k 10. What all family reunions look like at the end. 11821253_804375439661263_2133638321_n 11. This Beauceron family got tired waiting for their human to open the patio door already. IqwsB0Y 12. King Charles Cavaliers are also known daddy's girls. 11887029_513428345482985_623671746_n 13. "Mom, I can't sleep. I had a nightmare." 11008307_1380185358972835_238813857_n 14. Wait, are those two cats??? I suppose stepfamilies count as well. *shudder* d0AwiLs

Feature image via @chilliandpepperlabs

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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