UPDATE: Dog Flu Continues To Spread Throughout The Heartland

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 23, 2015

*****Updated 1/15/2016*****

Though the Chicago Reader had previously reported that the dog flu was in decline in the Chicago area, reports of dog flu have begun to appear across the Midwest and regions of the South.


CBS News reports that roughly 90 cases just outside the Seattle area have been observed by the King County, WA public health advisory. CBS also says that a dog in Montana has recently tested positive for the flu.

Colorado’s NBC 9 News claims cases of the dog flu have been reported in over two dozen states, but neglects to mention whether Colorado is one of them, citing only the cases mentioned above.


Dogs in Atlanta, GA saw a rise in positive testing for the flu over the summer, according to WSB – TV 2 Atlanta, but the news organization hasn’t reported whether they have seen a rise or decline in local cases since. On January 14, Atlanta’s local Fox affiliate, Fox 5, reported on recent cases in LA county over updates on the local situation.

Channel 5 News (KFSM) out of Fort Smith, Arkansas says there have been no reported cases in Arkansas, but cautions its readers that their pups may still be at risk and to limit the possibility of exposure.

With reports popping up across the continental U.S., it sounds like very solid advice.

Check to find out if dog flu has been reported in your state, and learn more in the video below.

*****Original Story*****

We’ve got some good news, and some bad news, pups. First, the good news: the canine influenza virus (or H3N2) that has plagued thousands of Chicago-land pups appears to be declining in the Windy City. Dr. Julia Georgesen, a vet at Blum Animal Hospital in Lakeview, shares that at the height of the epawdemic, she was seeing 10 or more cases a day, and now the number of cases is down to 2 or 3 a week. She still advises pup parents to use cation, as the virus is still in the environment.

But the fight is moving in the right direction. High paws, Chicago!

A photo posted by @darah_savannah on

And now on to the not-so-good news: NBC reports that cases of canine flu have been confirmed in Texas and Ohio, as well as suspected cases in Wisconsin and Indiana. LiveScience emphasizes that this flu is a different strain than the one spreading since 2004. Although there is a vaccine for that bug, experts don’t know if it protects from the current outbreak. Pharmaceutical companies are working on developing a new vaccine against the current strain, but it won’t be available for 4-6 months.


Until that time comes, if you’re in an infected area what can you do? Keep furry friends away from busy dog hangouts, including parks, hotels, groomers, and pet stores. Wash your hands and change your clothes after petting other dogs to reduce potential exposure. And when in doubt, seek veterinary care!

And no matter what, whether you’re in the Midwest or beyond, exercise caution, know the symptoms of dog flu, keep calm, and stay tuned for updates!

H/t to 8newsnow, AOL

Featured image via Love To Know Dogs

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

May 23, 2015

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