Dog’s Stellar Hearing Skills Foil Major Jailbreak Plot

A pup out for a leisurely morning walk on the Greek island of Corfu heard an odd noise coming from ground. He immediately froze and cocked his head to the side. Despite his owner's tugs and commands, the dog refused to move. It was as if he was guarding something. The owner knew he had more than a stubborn dog on his hands. He knew something wasn't right. He called the police. dog detects jailbreak 2 As it turns out, the quick witted dog doesn't only have good hearing, he also has excellent intuition. What he heard was the sound of prisoners digging a tunnel in an attempt to break out of jail. Police found a tunnel, complete with fans to keep the criminals cool during their dig, and plastic containers of food. The jailbreak plot would have never been discovered if it hadn't been for this dog's ears and their mad hearing skills! High paws, pup for keeping your city safe!
Featured image and h/t via The Guardian.

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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