Take a Pic of Your Dog’s Paws And This Company Will Donate Food To Dogs In Need

Did you see a bunch of naked human feet all over your Instagram feed last week? Turns out Tom’s Shoes was donating a pair of shoes for every one of these posts. They ended up with nearly 300k posts and 300k pairs of shoes that are now going to humans in need.

DOG for DOG, a pet company that has a similar ‘Buy One, Give One’ model to Tom’s, for product sold, they donate food to dogs in shelters. Naturally they thought they’d like to continue in this spirit, only with furry dog paws of all shapes and sizes. Their aim? To fill up as many food bowls for shelter dogs as pawsible!

Some of your favorite Instagram dogs are already joining in and posting a paw with the hashtag #DOGforDOGpaws, each post equals a bowl of dog food for a pup in need.

Here are some of our favorite paws so far!

Jetta from @PawsandPaint gives a big black lab paw to her mama.
dog paws cute

@LokiTheSiberianHusky shares gallery worthy pics of his lil pup paws.
cute white dog paws

@ChloeKardoggian shares some teeny tiny paws!
cute chihuahua paws

No more empty dog bowls! @OtterthePitBull nails it in his collar and tie.
cute pittie paws

@CodytheHuskyPup shares some nom-worthy puppy feet.
cute husky paws

@HangingWithHugo puts his paws in the air, and yes, waves them like he does not care.
small dog dance paws

How can you get your pup’s paws involved? If you post a photo of your pup’s paws before June 2nd on Instagram, and add the hashtag #DOGforDOGpaws, DOG for DOG will donate a meal to a shelter dog. Let’s get those paws the air!

Featured image via @ChloeKardoggian

Stacie Grissom

7 years ago