11 Dog-Friendly Cities That Will Have You Begging For A Vacation

Written by: Melina Giakas

July 3, 2015

Looking for a friendly place to visit your pup? These dog ruving cities are bound to leave you begging for more vacation time. While searching for the pupfect spots for you and your pup we came across hiking trails, doggie spas, food trucks, and even yoga classes. So whether you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors, or lay on the beach, these pawesome cities have something unique for every type of four-pawed family.

Portland, Oregon

The largest city in Oregon is filled with dog friendly restaurants, bars, and even hotels. If you’re looking for something outdoors, Portland has more than 30 dog parks and beautiful hiking trails for you and your dog to explore.

If you find yourself there at the right time check out the Portland Pit Bull Parade or Pug Crawl . You can find out more about upcoming events and all things pup in Portland at Portland Pooch.

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San Diego, California

Turn your dog in to the surfer bro at San Diego’s  Surf Dog Competition . If water sports aren’t your thing check out one of San Diego’s off the leash trails like Fiesta Island Off Leash Dog Park.

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Boston, Massachusetts

Boston allows dogs to ride on public trains during off-peak hours. The city also has more than 20 dog friendly hotels, restaurants, and attractions for your and your pup to enjoy during your visit.

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Austin, Texas

Austin offers some unique options for you and your dog like a yoga class for dog and hoomans, and a dog friendly food truck – Bow-Wow Bones. The truck is Austin’s first mobile food truck for dogs. Check out @BowWowBones for truck location updates. The city also offers nearly 20 off-leash parks.

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New York, New York

While you’ll probably end up living in a closet, the big apple doesn’t come close to a shortage on dog parks and activities. There are tons of doggie day cares like Biscuits & Bath for working pup parents and even doggie day spas (because ya know, chasing tennis balls and eating puppy treats is exhausting!). Best of all it’s home to the BarkBox headquarters – Check out BarkLive to stay up to date with pawesome events like BarkPost Puppy Prom and Drink and Draw Your Dog.

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San Francisco, California

This beautiful city is home to the annual DogFest. The celebration has a dog show with categories like Best Bark, Best Owner/Dog Look-Alike, and Best Trick making it a fair game for any adorable muttagree. There are also endless hiking and shopping options throughout the city.

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Minneapolis, Minnesota

SideWalk Dog is the twin cities’ go to spot to check out everything dog. They list doggie date happy hours, doggie lake adventures, picnics, and other events happening around the city.

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Long Island, New York

Take your dog along to enjoy an outdoor concert, a stroll in the park or even an afternoon at the vineyards. (Just make sure your pup doesn’t get too drunk. Someone has to drive home, right?)

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Seattle, Washington

Seattle has more than 10 off-leash dog parks for you and your dog to enjoy. You also won’t have to worry about rainy days getting int he way of play time – the city has indoor doggie parks so you can stay dry and still tire out your pup.

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Chicago, Illinois

Chi Town has an ton of options for your and your pup to enjoy. Stop by the bean near Millennium Park or by one of Chicago’s three dog friendly beaches for a fun day in the sun.

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Tucson, Arizona

Your dog is sure to enjoy his afternoon walk just a little bit more in this sunny city. Another awesome event is Tucson’s annual Pitbulooza in honor of National Pit Bull Awareness Day.

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Written by: Melina Giakas

July 3, 2015

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