This Summer Why Not Create A Dog-Friendly Garden For You and Your Pup To Frolic In?

Written by: Melina Giakas

June 19, 2015

Gardening and dogs seem to go together as well as orange juice and toothpaste. Their constant digging, chewing, pooping, and trampling are enough to silence any dog ruving hooman’s green thumb.

Well there’s no need to put those gardening dreams away just yet. We’ve got a few tips to help you make sure your garden stays intact and keeps your dog safe too!

Think Like A Dog

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In order to best pawpare your backyard for your dog it’s time to start thinking like one. Dogs are curious, energetic, and of course playful. They’ll need to go to the bathroom and want a drink of water every now and then. Incorporating these things into your yard will leave you with a space that is both practical and enjoyable for both your and your pup.

Creating ad designated doggie corner will help you organize your yard and keep all these essentials in one spot. A few things to include are a shade spot, food, water, and a chew toy or two. Training your dog to have a go to bathroom spot is also great to keep them from constantly peeing and pooping in your freshly planted flower beds.

Non-toxic plants Are Essential

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Since there is no guarantee your dog won’t mistake that leaf for some kibble (weirder things have happened) you’ll need to make sure any plants your pup may come across are non-toxic. You can check out a full list at

Durable Doggie Proof Plants

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Even the best behaved dogs can make a garden mistake every now and then.  These plants are non-toxic but also a little tougher. They have thicker leaves and other strong attributes that can withstand the occasional nip, stomp or chew. A  few to consider are Smoke Tree, Forsythia, and Red-Twig Dogwood.

Create a pup Friendly Pathway

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Creating pathways is an easy way to help your dog navigate through your garden. Your dog won’t know not to climb through certain areas if there isn’t a clear path for them to use.

Protect Those Paws

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Gravel, and other tough materials can be rough on your dog’s delicate paws. Wood chips and smooth gravel are softer options that will still do the job and preserve your pup’s soft paws.  Always be sure to check that materials are non-toxic and dog friendly.

Grass-Free and Ground Covers

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Grass-free options and ground covers such as Irish moss and winter creeper will outlive the sporadic puppy pee shower. They can also withstand the occasional rumble and tumble from your playful pup.

Raised Flower Beds and Pots

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Containing your flowers in raised flower beds or pots is a discrete way to limit your dog’s accessibility to them.


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Written by: Melina Giakas

June 19, 2015

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