The 25 Best Places To Take You And Your Dog Out For A Well-Deserved Drink

Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 13, 2016

The only thing better than going out on the town for a bite and a beer is if your pup can join in on the fun. We picked 25 of the best dog-friendly restaurants, pubs and bars around the country to do just that:

1. Norm’s Eatery & Ale House — Seattle, WA

norms use

This could be you. How can you make this happen? Visit Norma’s Eatery & Ale House in Seattle! With a cool dive bar atmosphere, impressive beer selections (hey, it’s Seattle!), stiff drinks, and a wide selection of pub food, you and your pup will be be satisfied.. and safe from the rain.

2. The Dog Bar — Charlotte, NC

dog bar

What makes The Dog Bar in Charlotte unique? They are the one AND ONLY off-leash dog bar in the Arts District, making this spot equal parts dog park and dog bar. While they don’t serve food, the indoor and outdoor spaces are climate controlled for hot summer nights and chilly winter evenings.

3. Nautidog Marina Cafe –Lighthouse, FL

the nautidog cafe

Dogs will enjoy Nautidog Marina Cafe’s simple menu, which includes burgers, chicken, and eggs — all sliced up into small, easy-to-chew pieces and served tableside. Humans can enjoy a spectacular view of the marina while sipping a kickass cocktail.

4. The Morrison — Los Angeles, CA


When you’re named a top 5 pet-friendly restaurant and the Best Happy Hour in LA, it’s pretty much a guarantee that pup and pup parent are gonna be happy. The Morrison’s latest addition is their dog menu, so everyone wins (and eats).

5. Tin Shed Garden Cafe — Portland, OR

tin shed garden cafe

No big deal, but this place’s dog menu boasts a Doggie Dessert of peanut butter & banana ice cream. It’s also human-friendly, but we recommend you ask your pup if you can have a bite. In addition to this sweet treat, every Tuesday night is Doggie Love Night. What does that mean? It means that for every item you order, your pup gets one doggie item free.

6. Moss Beach Distillery — Moss Beach, CA

moss beach distillery

If you and your dog aren’t aspiring ghost hunters (or at least chill about being in the presence of the undead), you may want to reconsider this spooky spot, rumored to be haunted by, well, ghosts. If you can get past that, though, Moss Beach Distillery sports a dog-friendly patio and a dog menu that includes a skirt steak with a side of dog bones. Actually, everything on the dog menu comes with a side of bones. And the human menu ain’t bad either, boasting a diversity of quality food made from quality ingredients.

7. Bangers Sausage House and Beer Garden — Austin, TX


With 30 homemade sausages and over 100 beers on tap, there’s something for everyone here, including specialty sausages for your pup. There’s also an off-leash dog park so your pup can work off the big meal. You’ll have to work it off at the gym though. Sorry.

8. Kings Hardware — Seattle, WA

kings ballard

Kings Hardware in Seattle goes 3 for 3: a pup-friendly back patio, seriously good pub eats and some impressive cocktails.

9. Churchill — San Francisco, CA


With a cool 1940s vibe, an extensive whiskey list, and local Cali beers on tap, you and your pup will love this spot’s chill vibes.

10. The West 79th Street Boat Basin Cafe — Upper West Side, New York City, NY

Boat Basin Arial

If you and your pup want to take in a Manhattan drink with a side of sunset, your best bet is head to The Boat Basin Cafe on the Upper West Side. With an outdoor patio overlooking the Hudson River, it’s the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening.

11. Barnaby’s Cafe — Houston, TX


Barnaby’s mascot is a sheepdog, so that’s already a good start. With many locations around Houston, you’re sure to catch one of these on the way home from the dog park. Hit up the patio for water for your pup and seriously good comfort food for you.

12. Freehouse — Minneapolis, MN


Freehouse is the kind of place that hosts dog mixers. ‘Nuff said.

13. Barking Dog Luncheonette — Upper East Side, New York City, NY


Maybe your Sunday morning walk is taking a backseat to your hangover from the night before. So why not hit two birds with one stone and walk to this Upper East Side brunch spot for a strong coffee and an even stronger brunch while your pup hangs with you on the patio (and judges you silently)?


14. Besa Grill — Clearwater, FL

besa grill

Besa Grill may very well boast the most extensive doggie dining menu, a fiesta that includes filet mignon, K-9 meatballs, and dog-friendly beer. There’s even a happy hour version of this menu, so if you’re looking to really treat your pup, Besa Grill in Florida just may be the place.

15. Lucky Labrador Brewing Company — Portland, OR

ll brewpub

If you’re thinking of beer tasting in Portland, you should hit up Lucky Labrador Brewing Company for Dogtoberfest. It’s known as the city’s biggest dog wash — and it all goes towards a good cause.

16. Square 1682 — Philadelphia, PA


Upscale eats with sustainability in mind, plus a fantastic menu for your pup (with items like Chili Chow and Beggin’ Eggs & Taters and homemade peanut butter biscuits) make this an unforgettable dog-friendly experience.

17. Cantina Marina — Washington, D.C. 

cantina marina

Cantina Marina hosts a different rescue group every Monday to accept donations and bring adoptable dogs to their restaurant. No only that, but pup parents are encouraged to bring their dogs along for a biscuit buffet any day of the week!

18. Hamburger Heaven — West Palm Beach, FL

hamburger heaven fb

While you’re noshing on one of Hamburgers Heaven’s famous burgers, your pup will be diving into steamed salmon with sweet potato and rice. Win-win.

19. The Wonder Bar — Asbury Park, NJ


This spot hosts a weekend “Yappy Hour” for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and even has one dedicated to smaller dogs on Mondays. Not only that, The Wonder Bar provides swimming pools and an agility areas for dogs — plus a “time out” area for when you pup needs a breather.

20. Molly Malone’s — Louisville, KY


This Irish pub takes its pup patrons seriously. At the end of the year, Molly Malone’s creates a calendar featuring their favorite costumed canines and donates the proceeds to local charity.

21. Benchmark — Chicago, IL


Benchmark boasts a simple, affordable menu for your canine companion, with delish items like mini burgers! Their cocktail menu has a selection of shareable choices, providing a great opportunity to get all the pups and pup parents together.

22. Lucky’s Burgers and Brew — Roswell, GA


The inspiration behind this restaurant is the owners’ Golden Retriever, Lucky. Every burger on the menu is associated with a dog, making this local watering hole a natural place for dogs and their humans.

23. Art and Soul — Washington, D.C


If you and your pup want to opt for fancier fare, look no further than Art and Soul. With a dog menu featuring items such as grilled sirloin, Peanut-Banana Popsicles, and pup-friendly Bowser Beer, you guys will be in for a five-star affair.

24. Cafe Fina — Monterey, CA

cafe fina

Certain snacks don’t require a money transaction at Cafe Fina — a simple tail wag will do for a Pupperoni treat! Their New York-inspired steak, dubbed Hound Dog Heaven, will probably cost a little more.

25. Zazie — San Francisco, CA


When you bring your pooch to Zazie’s on Monday, you get a deal on wine, plus delicious treats and well-deserved playtime with your pup.

You can’t choose wrong with any of these great options, so bon appétit to you and your lucky pup!

Featured image via @jessiehessie1/Instagram

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Written by: Dr. Katy Nelson

June 13, 2016

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