Dog Takes Full-time Job to Keep Autistic Boy From Wandering Off

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 5, 2015

Shortly after he turned one, Garrett Tingum’s parents Bruce and Caroline knew their son was autistic. Garrett’s autism is so severe the he requires 24 hour adult supervision.

As part of his condition, Garrett is prone to wander around the neighborhood, playing in the street, going into strangers homes and other dangerous places.


Afraid for their son’s safety, the Tingums contacted Tender Loving Canines in the hopes that the organization’s New Leash On Life program, which provides autism service dogs, would help Garrett.

autism service dog ruby 2

Enter Ruby, a loving and calm Golden Retriever who became Garrett’s best friend and protector. By being harnessed to Garrett, the pup keeps him from wandering off. She also calms and grounds the little boy.

autism service dog ruby

Ruby has been a blessing to the entire family. She’s brought more love and joy into the home, not only by calming Garrett, but by bonding with the entire family.

Caroline says:

“Our future is much brighter now that we’ve got Ruby in the family.”

Even though most of us don’t have exact same experience as the Tingums, we all can identify with that sentiment. Dogs are priceless gifts.

Watch the video below to see the Tingums talk about living with Ruby.

h/t The Animal Rescue Site.

Featured image via Pet Collective Cares.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

June 5, 2015