Dog Gets Stuck Between Walls When Bath Time Escape Plan Goes Horribly Wrong

Meanwhile in the Santiago District in Cusco, Peru, a cute little mutt called "Bombón" (Blossom) is not winning any awards for thinking things through. At the mere mention of bath time, she booked it and ended up smushed between the walls of two houses. rescuers reach in the crevice [bp_related_article] Bombón, it's a good thing you're cute, because you created quite the ordeal. According the local Pet Rescue Brigade's Facebook page, rescuers were able to safely remove the pup from her embarrassing predicament. hoisting bombon free After hoisting Bombón from her crevice, one man even removed his jacket to cushion her against the stone. It was work well done for the rescue brigade, and a lesson well learned for her human. rescuers Unfortunately, now even dirtier, Bombón returned home for a good scrubbing.
H/t Life With Dogs, Featured Image via Brigada Rescate de Mascotas--Cusco/Facebook

Samantha Erb

6 years ago

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