Custom Dog Guitar Rocks An Auction To Help Senior Pups Enjoy Their Final Days

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

June 18, 2015

Ever wanted to rock out with your dog out? Artist James A. Willis of Nashville, Tennessee and guitar maker Will McArthur of Lucky Town Customs in Gluckstadt, Mississippi collaborated on a doggone special handmade guitar that can make that dream a reality.

The process was a back-and-forth between the two craftsmen. Willis designed the guitar, then McArthur built it. Next, Willis carved and painted the dog, and McArthur got it playing like a dream!

The hound-shaped instrument is a commission for an auction to benefit the elderly dogs at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Nashville.

If you’re in ruv with this guitar, you can bid online and help pups at the same time!

A sketch of the design with some of the guitar’s hardware in place.


The sketch translated into a CAD drawing.

cad dog guitar sketch oYqj5xq

Here’s the outline of the guitar being cut into a slab of mahogany wood.

dog guitar outline tKjCCOO

Guitar dogs sniff butts too! Ready for carving and paint job…


Carving out the details.

carving dog guitar L8VQIBV

Pickup ready to be installed.

dog guitar pickup AQNH4fz

Ready to rock out!

dog guitar final Sfqh2mc

See more of the fascinating process here!

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Featured image via James A. Willis

Written by: Claire Beaudreault

June 18, 2015