How A Dog In Your Bed Might Lead To A Better Night’s Sleep

A new Mayo Clinic study reveals that hitting the hay with your dog promotes a better night's sleep. These findings contradict earlier studies that suggested sleeping with your pets might disturb your shut-eye. meme According to this most recent study, a higher percentage of participants reported that having their pet in bed helped them sleep better, gave them a feeling of companionship, and made them feel more relaxed. As the study's authors wrote, this is noteworthy, given that quality of sleep is linked to both physical and mental relaxation. So, not only do our pets keep us warm on a cold night, but they appear to give us peace of mind, too! misspalomitas We did a little "research" of our own for some more "proof." Just take a look at these happily snuggling snoozers: 1. Your dog can be little spoon. dog cuddle big spoon 2. Your dog can be big spoon. dog cuddle 1 3. Or your dog can, like, flop on top of you and then you don't even need covers. dog cuddle flop 4. You and your dog can always binge on Netflix as you fall asleep. dog cuddle 3 5. And Face-to-Butt works great as long as you don't take it personally and flatulence is kept to a STRICT minimum. dog butt to face No matter how you choose to cuddle up with your best furry friend, you can rest easy knowing that a great night's sleep is just a lovin' spoon(ful) away. No matter where you guys snuggle.
Featured image via @emily.manners
h/t Mother Nature Network

Hope Bobbitt

6 years ago

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