Dog Helps Autistic Boy Unwrap The Best Christmas Of His Life

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

January 1, 2016

Until this year, eight-year old Baylyn Parker-Howard hadn’t experienced Christmas the way that most children his age had. He was never able to have the experience of tearing into wrapping paper and squealing with joy over what was hidden underneath.

You see, Baylyn is afraid of wrapping paper. The little boy is autistic and the noise the paper makes is too much for his senses to handle. That all changed this year, thanks to a Labrador named Zander.

You would never know from watching the video above that Baylyn has been afraid of the sounds of wrapping paper in the past.

Baylyn’s mother, Donna, says that Zander, who comes from the charity Dogs for Good, was instrumental in her son’s transformation:

Last year he gave Zander some presents and Zander got excited about what was in the box, so Baylyn helped him to open it. And today Baylyn enjoyed opening his own presents and didn’t worry at all.

baylyn and zander 2

Once Baylyn saw that Zander wasn’t scared of presents, he was able to overcome his own fears of the sound. We hope that these two best friends have many more happy and fun-filled holidays in their future!

Feature image and h/t Mirror.

Reviewed by Regina Lizik

January 1, 2016