This Dog Survived Being Hit By A Car, But His Adorable Limp Won’t Stop Him From Loving You

Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 7, 2016


Charlie the dog is the ultimate survivor. In his four years on Earth, the little butterscotch-hued Pit mix has endured more hardship than most face in a lifetime, but none of it has dampened his bright and devoted spirit.


Nearly two years ago, Charlie was found after being hit by a car and left for dead. The injured stray was rescued by an ordinary citizen, who took him to the veterinarian. After Charlie was treated, he stayed with the doctor for a few months, but his front right leg bore the wounds of permanent nerve damage, which caused a slight limp. When the vet had trouble finding a loving home for Charlie, he surrendered him to a large municipal shelter, where he went unnoticed among the 150+ other dogs in the facility.


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Posted by Get A Bull on Saturday, February 27, 2016

At the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter, Charlie was diagnosed as heartworm positive, and ultimately Laura Reilly of Get A Bull rescue took him in as a foster. With Laura’s love and care, Charlie healed. He’d come home from heartworm treatments exhausted and weak, but always he settled down close to her, nuzzled into her belly. These days, he is 100% heartworm negative.


Unfortunately, Charlie does best in a home without other dogs, and so for now he is kept in an office space attached to Laura’s house in Connecticut. He is much happier than he was in the shelter, but still he’s lonely and desperately craves human companionship. More than most other dogs, suggests Laura, Charlie just wants to be held and kissed.


When he hears the car starting, signaling that either Laura or her husband is leaving for the day, Charlie longs to go with them, and when they come home from work, he cries until they say hello.

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Charlie’s greatest joy is being with people. He loves puzzles and walks, and the limp in his leg doesn’t keep him from wanting to play. Most of all, he loves curling up on the couch while his people watch television, but because he must be kept away from the other dogs in the house, he doesn’t get the attention he truly needs and deserves.

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Charlie lives to be with and to please his people. He is currently receiving treatment at Sound Paws Canine Physical Rehabilitation and Conditioning, where his leg is growing stronger every day. Underwater treadmill sessions have been particularly beneficial to his recovery, keeping his leg working so that it doesn’t atrophy. If Charlie is adopted nearby, Get A Bull will continue to pay for his appointments.

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Charlie has lived on the streets, been hit by a car, overcome heartworm, and come out the other side. All he’s ever wanted is a home – a true home – where he is loved and cherished for the strong and joyful dog he is.

Getabull Holiday_151213_4993

Says Laura:

Charlie doesn’t want to be a part-time dog anymore. He wants to be someone’s full-time dog.”


Charlie is housebroken and knows all his commands. To adopt this sweet boy, please visit Get A Bull online and fill out an application. Donate here.

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Written by: Ellyn Kail

March 7, 2016

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